Sunday, February 1, 2009

First day of second month 2009

A beautiful Sunday.
I learned that Fred Kittrell die this past week.
He was a Christian college mentor when I was in college.
A dear man. I miss him but will always remember him.
He had much love for the youth.

It is suppose to be winter tomorrow. so enjoy today.
I saw Nyla today,and gave her the calendar I bought her,
she liked it. I love Lucy calendar.

I work tomorrow and I suppose on Tuesday I will go
with Jeff and try to see if CUD is going to decrease the
Amount of water leak $1500 to a sizable decrease.
I would hope that the person over it will have mercy
and erase that bill since it was not water used. It is
very hard to believe that the meter had been read monthly.
They probably skip a month or two. You would think that his
yard would have been flooded with that amt of water.

have a sunny day tomorrow I certainly hope so.

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