Saturday, May 29, 2010

Since May 16th, 2010

So much has gone on in the last 2 week it be hard to know where to start.
May 16th my sister was in a house fire. She is in ICU in the Burn Unit at Vanderbilt Hospital Her house considered totaled by the
She has 23% burns to her face neck and arms. She had been on a vent up until last night that is 12 days I believe. Today she was breathing on her own ( she has a tracheotomy) to be a temporary support.It is just taking a while for her to mend. So continue or add her to you prayer list.

Next my status change forever.
I am a Grandmother , that seems a little strange. So now am i that old enough, look like one or even act like one LOL yeah your right all of the possible mentioned. So what is one to look, act,age enough to be the such. It doesn't even matter , What matter is that I am and it is an amazing thing for you little one to have a little one. :) so let's see if I can get a new look at the new me.