Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Half over -
WEll what can you expect when you are bored and go to bed at 8 pm!
YOu wake up at 2! You silently sleep til 3:30 am and finally decide
it time to get up and perhaps accomplish the world chores today.

A list- what's that? Oh yea, one in my Head- One on paper is actually
better if you do not lose it.

Maybe I will try to write one out.

Ok first is
1. get a hair change(color, cut)
2. laundry- the sofa slip covers need refreshing .
3. make a plan -what to do next (in fixing the house).
4. Pray -that someone will help me it too much for one
person to handle.
5. go get the 2 tubs of cookie dough that cost $28.00
and cook them all and eat them all today!
6. cancel # 5
7. stop this posting and get started.
8. be able to come back and list more accomplishments
than i just did.

Hope you enjoy you day.

One accomplishment I will brag about is that my son
blew the Old leaves off our house where they lie in the valleys
on the roof.(I think they were from last fall)

Yea, I was so relieved; I know there will be more
but at least these are gone.

I so appreciated him going this.