Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mrs Tackett

I had a teacher named Mrs Tackett
who hated to hear racket!
So she would get mad and say we were
So we could not go outside anymore.

Mrs. Deaton--
I had a teacher
Mrs. Deaton. She has always eaten
Mac and cheese without fleas!

Mrs. Bagnham--
Mrs. Bagnham
was nice like suger and spice.
but on a hot day she never gave us ice!

Mrs. Adams--
Mrs Adams was sweet,
and really neat and no smelly
feet were aloud!

Mrs. Walkup--
Mrs. Walkkup wouldn't let us talkup.
That was very,
but still I didn't turn green!

Talking about writing I came across this on notepaper
while cleaning out a drawer.
funny!YOu have those first play stories you wrote dont you?

Vacation Day 8

Oh the lisT! ??
We'll discuss that later.
Right now I want to tell you to be on the watch for ...
the devil MOUSE..

sneaking around in broad daylight and into the night he get happy with the new loaf of bread that I spent over 2 bucks on because My son said it was the best for not drying out the the fastest. Man, he should know;since sandwhich is his main food group, and sandwhich consist of 2 slices of BREAD which devil mouse had for his late night snack.

so beware the mice are in your neighbor too!

I've got to get the trap that keeps on trapping.
Caught 10 in a week last year and now it is waiting for me to come and pick up at the lacal grocery!!!

I also have a GHOST in my front yard ... he/she is flying backward I guess it is allowed as long as you are a ghost!)

Devil Mouse will wish he can fly back faster too!