Monday, November 3, 2008

Some thoughts come out in words

As stated above,I usually really check what I say.
I think a lot and don't say a lot;
Especialy to family members.

sometime it no more that what would be said to me
by someone.

Sometimes you look for that delete button
and can't find it.

Halloween Past

It's hard to believe that a another Halloween
has actually come and gone.

I remember Past Halloweens.

I was so glad that our family
got together plus my sister her husband
which is Mike's brother.

An friends that we have not seen in 2 years.
The Lamberts
Chris,Stephanie,Caleb,Kate,Millay and Conner.
I was pretty exhausted.
After cleaning the house and cooking
once I sit down. I had to work to
keep my eyes open.
It was good to see them.Cable and Conner are
little Chris es
and Kate is a little Stephanie.
Millay is just Millay.

one of the phrases a little girl kept repeating
"I want an eyeball"

I went to the door and opened my mouth and an eyeball appeared.
she loved it! It was a gummy eyeball and very delicious!
She got an eyeball. I knew that was the best thing she got
in her whole collection of goodies! She wasn't going to leave
without one, it was an honor to give her one.

Jeff and Jennifer (son and daughter in law) came and brought
cake and party tray
Anna and John (daughter and son in law) came and brought (dip-
Anna also prepared the cupcakes and display really cute. the eyeballs sat on
the cupcakes.
Today I need to get up and clean up and put up the decor.

Nov 1 was Mike's mother Birthday she is 77 years old but looks like she < 70.
Nov 2 was Teddy's 1st birthday he is one of Abby's 7 pups,the one we kept.
Nov 3 we see...........
Nov 4 is election day...........hum

In case you wonder i will be changing my screen soon.
I glad there is an editing tool
course it will not do it automatically
and I just found the spell checker ya!!!