Saturday, February 28, 2009

I t's been a Ugly DAY

I rarely don't say things like that even if i think it.
Just try to ,Just try to move on, but this day has been ugly,
no SUN I MISS THE SUN!!!!!!!
I have not gotten anything but a few dishes washed.
Breakfast consist of eating dry granola without MILK.
I choked and cough til I had to quite eating it.
Mike has napped most of the day. I tried since I got
in bed so late,very unusal to to so; I got approx
6 hour and felt like I had none.
But nap time was interrupted by a series of text messages
and 2 phone called. so I got an hour nap.

And the sun still has not had time to rise . I guess the SUN
is tired and wants a nap too!

I should go do something fun.
what would that be?????????

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It is Raining and it is not suppose to do that til Thursday

I have some relief that now something
is in plan for a certain situation.
Though no one reads or much else comments
YOU never know if it is read. Some things
You might like to write but some things are
My prayer is that this will help to relief a
lot of stress on a particular individual
that I Love More
than I know how to describe.

I Was wanting to write a scripture . So many of us
will read blogs and books and magazines but find
it hard to read from our Bibles that we say we
can not do without.
Well in reality it our cell phones, our i-pods
our facebook accounts, our entertainment:
whether it is our wide-screen TV, our Wii systems,
our X-Boxes games, video,DVDs, candy bars
soda, gas in our cars.

Need I say more?
You understand were I am going.
WE say one thing and mean another,
total opposite of what we say!

This Psalm you all can recite it:
It consist of 6 verses
I am writting it as it is in the New Century Version .

Psalm 23
The Lord the Shepherd
1. The LORD is my Shepherd:
I have everything I need. (this does not mean X-Boxes,Wii or Vacation pkg. etc)
2. He lets me rest in green pastures,
He leads me to calm water.
3. He gives me new strength.
He leads me on paths that are right
for the good of his name.
4. Even if I walk through a very dark valley,
I WILL NOT be afraid,
because YOU are with me.
YOUR rod and your shepherd's staff comfort me
5. YOU prepare a meal for me
in front of my enemies.
You pour oil of blessing on my head;
You fill my cup to overflowing.
6. Surely Your goodness and love will be with me
all my life,
and I will live in the house of the LORD forever.

It is Your house LORD
that I want to Live in .

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009



Hope it is a wonderful day for everyone.
Just count a blessing or two.

Don't count the negative thing in your live.
They will totally wipe out the good ones.

so sniff a flower,
smell the candy
pat your pet
kiss your loved ones!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feb 11,2009 WIND,SUN,CLOUDS and Probably RAIN!

Here I sat at the kitchen table suppose
to be studying PALS but no I am blogging,
well who wouldn't rather be. I DO NOT LIKE TO STUDY.
Reading is different, it is for enjoyment.

I think I know a possible solution if your date
is not showing up on your entry.
Look below where it says Post Options.
click on that and over to the right you will fine
todays date , see if that is the problem.
this is namely for Anna. :)

alright I got to study.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feb 8th 2009 if you can help ,do so.

My son needs a job. so if you can help do so.
If I could give him mine I would.
If you can pray do.
If you can assist him in locating a job
or introducing him to a potential employer,
do so.
thank you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Third Day in Feburary

Well the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday,YAY!
I just need a day to plant those bulbs that I did not get planted this past fall. I will get it done on a warmer day.

I woke today with a headache; who knows the cause of such discomfort.
Perhaps it was the junk food I ate last night after work after 9 pm.
Wendy cheeseburger,chex mix, walnuts and 1/3 of a Hersey bar and a soda.
All junk except for the walnuts. Perhaps it was a little bit of a cold room,perhaps the changing climate.
I also had another crazy dream. It stemmed I am sure from the fact of a need to help Jeff though "what to do regarding the 1500 dollar debt with CUD. This actually being no fault of their own. Mike says Murfreesboro and Smyrna both would write that off. He should know he works for Smyrna. With CUD being private he not so sure. Though the person over CUD is related to us. My mom is his great aunt, so I would be his second cousin and Jeff would be third cousins (if that the way you call kinship)
I hope he has mercy on him and I hope we can see him today.

Several days ago I had a nightmare. This involved my 2 great nieces. I was at the side of a steep hill and needing to get to a path that was higher I chose to use the trees that was on the side of the hill to travel from one point to the other. I reached the point on not being able to go anywhere.I was high in a tree and looking down I would see my nieces playing near a lake. There was a small alligator in the water and he appear to know they where on the land near by. The alligator swam fast to the shore and seeing this not able to get down I think i may have been yelling at them and they started running up the hill ,but he alligator grabbed the younger and ran up her trouser leg and she fell and rolled down the hill I think into the water ,I can't remember what happen ;I think the older one was trying to help but scared. I just woke up from all the fright. ---- Mercy what a crazy dream. Scared me bad. Maybe it it's the chocolate I have eaten before bed. I should not eat chocolate before I go to bed.
So today I am needed.
Jeff need someone to help him .
Anna wants to go Spring shopping.
Abby (white dog) needs a bath.
Mike needs a good meal cooked.
the hospital wanted me to work
(that would make 4 in a row(12hr--NO WAY without a deal-
like cutting out a shift-which was not mentioned)

I think I need some oatmeal
and the dogs need feeding.
Belle need to come in and get warm.(Chihuahua)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

First day of second month 2009

A beautiful Sunday.
I learned that Fred Kittrell die this past week.
He was a Christian college mentor when I was in college.
A dear man. I miss him but will always remember him.
He had much love for the youth.

It is suppose to be winter tomorrow. so enjoy today.
I saw Nyla today,and gave her the calendar I bought her,
she liked it. I love Lucy calendar.

I work tomorrow and I suppose on Tuesday I will go
with Jeff and try to see if CUD is going to decrease the
Amount of water leak $1500 to a sizable decrease.
I would hope that the person over it will have mercy
and erase that bill since it was not water used. It is
very hard to believe that the meter had been read monthly.
They probably skip a month or two. You would think that his
yard would have been flooded with that amt of water.

have a sunny day tomorrow I certainly hope so.