Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July 1 st

Well it is about time I made a new entry. Ha since it been 20 days ago. I so wish sometime that a day was a week and then i could get a lot more done on my days off and the days I took vacation. As it stands I have not hardly made a path to walk in. I am planting flowers that have been yearning for the ground since probably the first of May what a shame, sorry flowers that your sibling flowers are growing so beautiful and you are so confined to your container. Today is the day the Weather Vane Almanac says I can plant and you will thrive, so hopefully with miracle grow and plenty of water you will catch up in your growth. Time to plant the seeds also today and tomorrow.(well actually it says that is is favorable for planting peas,tomatoes, and other fall crops bearing above ground. sow grain and forage crops,whatever that is.)so I am taking the risk and planting and transplant, otherwise the gonna die anyway . hopefully the moon is in the right place (phase)
Tomorrow is a big day . Mom Birthday she be 88 years old. We the daughters are having a QUEEN for The Day Celebration. Just her daughters and her. So in all due respect i musst close and continue with the transplanting of flowers and then on to town to ppick out a card and whatever else I need.

It is also my son and his wife's 4th Anniversary. I need to find something special for the two of them also. That is why I need more time in a day.
hopefully I can post some photos later. In case some mignt want to see them. :)