Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Third Day in Feburary

Well the groundhog saw his shadow yesterday,YAY!
I just need a day to plant those bulbs that I did not get planted this past fall. I will get it done on a warmer day.

I woke today with a headache; who knows the cause of such discomfort.
Perhaps it was the junk food I ate last night after work after 9 pm.
Wendy cheeseburger,chex mix, walnuts and 1/3 of a Hersey bar and a soda.
All junk except for the walnuts. Perhaps it was a little bit of a cold room,perhaps the changing climate.
I also had another crazy dream. It stemmed I am sure from the fact of a need to help Jeff though "what to do regarding the 1500 dollar debt with CUD. This actually being no fault of their own. Mike says Murfreesboro and Smyrna both would write that off. He should know he works for Smyrna. With CUD being private he not so sure. Though the person over CUD is related to us. My mom is his great aunt, so I would be his second cousin and Jeff would be third cousins (if that the way you call kinship)
I hope he has mercy on him and I hope we can see him today.

Several days ago I had a nightmare. This involved my 2 great nieces. I was at the side of a steep hill and needing to get to a path that was higher I chose to use the trees that was on the side of the hill to travel from one point to the other. I reached the point on not being able to go anywhere.I was high in a tree and looking down I would see my nieces playing near a lake. There was a small alligator in the water and he appear to know they where on the land near by. The alligator swam fast to the shore and seeing this not able to get down I think i may have been yelling at them and they started running up the hill ,but he alligator grabbed the younger and ran up her trouser leg and she fell and rolled down the hill I think into the water ,I can't remember what happen ;I think the older one was trying to help but scared. I just woke up from all the fright. ---- Mercy what a crazy dream. Scared me bad. Maybe it it's the chocolate I have eaten before bed. I should not eat chocolate before I go to bed.
So today I am needed.
Jeff need someone to help him .
Anna wants to go Spring shopping.
Abby (white dog) needs a bath.
Mike needs a good meal cooked.
the hospital wanted me to work
(that would make 4 in a row(12hr--NO WAY without a deal-
like cutting out a shift-which was not mentioned)

I think I need some oatmeal
and the dogs need feeding.
Belle need to come in and get warm.(Chihuahua)