Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Month Gone By

It is really not long before a month goes by.
Just tomorrow will be a month since I last made an entry.
Blogging so much like keeping a diary.
Just wonder if anyone much does that anymore?
My Dad does daily write on a large calendar of the day's
event. He has done it for years probably 50 yrs.
I remember when being young he would do it.
He feels it is important to do so. Yes he still reviews
past calendars to see what happened and when.

I really like to be more faithful in keeping a journal,
a blog or something.
What i really like to do is to teach a small sewing class
for kids. Kids that actually want to learn how to sew.
I Hope to do this,I have wanted to for a long time.
Something to think about something to work on doing.

It been a cloudy day, some rain, darkness is coming quickly
and it time to let the doggies out they have been napping
but I now hear Belle scratching and whining at the side door
( the garage room).

I need to do something , I need to sew, that is where feel
I am being productive.
I have plenty of projects,curtains that need making.
I like to make some elves;I just need some motivation
in doing this.

I also an a procrastinator I NEED and WANT to clean up that
GARAGE ROOM , where the doggies spend their nights and rainy
days. It need to be a room of productivity not a room to hoard
things and or JUNK in. A Christmas tree would be nice there...
I need days off and Sunshine and a will to get rid of stuff .