Thursday, January 1, 2009

A NEW YEAR "2009"

I did make it it see the Old year tick into a New one.
I worked the eve of and met Mike for a late dinner at Ruby Tuesday's,
they were not busy like many of the surrounding restaurants nearby.
I suppose it not as "hip" but the transformation they made over a year ago
definitely change the appearance.
There are just so many restaurants to go to now.
I was glad not to have to have a 20 minute wait, but go right in and be seated.

When we return home I picked up several magazines,cookbook and the remote, determined to remain up to greet the new year and sent text message to my kids.
I really love taking the day off on the first day of the year :)

Now I really need to start the New Year with changes.

So whatever you may wish to change ,good luck, you will probably need some!