Saturday, February 28, 2009

I t's been a Ugly DAY

I rarely don't say things like that even if i think it.
Just try to ,Just try to move on, but this day has been ugly,
no SUN I MISS THE SUN!!!!!!!
I have not gotten anything but a few dishes washed.
Breakfast consist of eating dry granola without MILK.
I choked and cough til I had to quite eating it.
Mike has napped most of the day. I tried since I got
in bed so late,very unusal to to so; I got approx
6 hour and felt like I had none.
But nap time was interrupted by a series of text messages
and 2 phone called. so I got an hour nap.

And the sun still has not had time to rise . I guess the SUN
is tired and wants a nap too!

I should go do something fun.
what would that be?????????