Saturday, October 11, 2008

Three done and three to go

Three done and three to go

It does feel good to get something accomplished.
Even through it taken a long time to really get
motivated. Three chairs are completed and

Will I get anything done today.

Well Yes I can say at least one thing is accomplished.
I finally installed the littled latches thingamygigs
on my cabinet doors so what will close. A
skilled person or a person with a tiny drill bit probably take
a minute :me with a tiny screwdriver at leat 40 minutes!!!
hope it last, ok i got to complete much more since yesterday was
all about shopping with my daughter and that was a lot of fun
but next time we eat somewhere not so noise and something that
has not been made up in the early morning hours or the night before.
Not too bad but definitely not that good!!

I let you know if I get my chairs covered!!!