Sunday, August 8, 2010

when "professional" hurts Photography

I seriously see how satan is everywhere in all different forms.......And i sorry Mr Jonathan manager I do not appreciate you and your photo dept not allowing me to pay for my photos of my GRANDBABY just because you think they look like a photographer took them, well I told him Yes my daughter is a photographer and Yes I am too I have been taking pictures since I was 8 years old and the photos i printed were from my daughter camera it one you can buy and does that mean i cant have prints made off that camera .... well forget your rules and regulations i not a very happy customer right now and I just order from SNAPFISH or check Walgreens prices and POLICIES fior photos from a very nice camera . I am really beginining to not like WALMART there is actually another word that begans with H and ends in E . So now one needs a degree in picture taking --- or "PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY " well by george i get it or get my name on all my photos I told them well I can call anyone because my phone just died , nor can i check my email wheremy daughter sent the pictures and even if i call her at this moment it would disrrupt her worship service. so I watch as they took my precious baby photo that were intend for grandkparents and great-grandparents........well they TRASHED THEM!!! So perhaps i can turn that anger and as David said turn it to something good, well perhaps it time to lobby against something ............I have a right to my photos