Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Happy Mothers Day!

I am hurt,shall I tell you why. My daughter and her hubs do not want me to visit when she goes to the hospital to have her first child ,which is our first grandchild. I find that very strange. Anyone would be thrill to have anyone come to say " oh she so cute," and esp you think you would want your family that could to come and visit.
Least that is what most people want. I sometimes wonder if this is my daughter, the excuse "well there is no sense in driving here for 8 hours for a 30 minute visit"
I not going to lie up in your bed an eat potato chips.
I went with a friend to visit a ex co worker at Summit Hospital. She was thrill that we came for a visit.She even let us both sit on her bed and even offer us chips. There are places to stay so not to intrude upon the privacy of a young family with a new baby.
All I can say is just wait and perhaps you will understand once you are a mother.I certianly hope you will, just a characteristic of being a mom. No wonder some mothers ignore their kids.
Happy Mother's Day for any of you mothers.