Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Dear Lord,
What can I say but thank YOU
for a new day.

Yesterday was with
It ended with certainty.
I am so thankful.

Peace for my beloved son and our family.
I can rejoice!

Yesterday started with what was
a usual sort of day,
until I felt the need to
simply, gently
blow my nose. At approx 0545 it began.
As most normal sometimes a little
blood might show up on a
tissue; well a little was there
and there was a little more.
Then I start to think of what meds
I had the night b 4;
well 600mg of Ib and an Allegra.
I had not taken my bp med that AM
because i had not eaten
and my bp had not been that high.
But what ever happen ...Happened!
My nostril was running like an open faucet.
I thought perhaps we could get to our first
point of interest but within 2 seconds my only thought
was "Mike take me to the ER NOW."
Beside making one phone call and ignoring
the 3 incoming calls, Mike was looking at the road
and looking a me : knowing i looked like someone
you see on horror movies.

Some traffic was slow.
I told Mike "pass everything, run lights
when you can and keep moving fast."
I remember hearing his flashing lights
I suppose we looked like a F-150 ambulance.

I am human and can not think sometimes on
how to treat myself, treating others is different.
All nurses and Drs know that and we all tend
to ignore our self and look out for the other person
and we get scared like the other humans , the humans like you.
I honestly thought my brain sprang a leak!
Well it does happen and with family history, it is possible.
It was an artery ( small one) in my nose-- that close enough to my BRAIN!
I kept thinking i am still awake and that is good.
Thank God for ERs, I do not believe I could work in one. Yes, ERs are more Dramatic than you see on Scrubs and Grey's Anatomy!!
There is a reason those does are locked!

Peace in the valley and God walks with us!
Much need relief for Jeff came yesterday,hopefully he will be working soon,
thing are looking brighter.
Part of a saying is "I Believe in the Sun when it is not Shining!"
Thank you God for everything you give.Amen.