Thursday, July 16, 2009

Totally Crazy!

It is JULY 16 th!!!!!
this favorite month is almost gone! Why favorite?
Well the many of the most important people I love
are born in this month. Mom first of all then course
i have to love myself they say
or you can not love anyone else!
I really ment to make a note on my B Day
but did not that how fast and perhaps furious this month
is going!
It is half gone! It just started and I am a YEAR older!!!!

Enough of all the !!!!!

I really need to make a trip to the town west of me ,
to drop off my rx for new specks, that is what the older
generation calls them and sense, I am older, I guess it time
to call them their proper name!!
well we see what i get done today!

later gator!

Oh and that slogan was around a lot
longer than the team in what
? FLORIDA Or Alabama