Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Kenny

To My Brother who will not be reading this .


I wonder how it was the have a Birthday so close to Christmas.
The Eve ,the Day , the day after anywhere of the week of .
Disappointing I would think , SO PARENTS plan your child not the week of Christmas.
UNLESS..... it perhaps was Christmas Day!!
Double celebration!
Who wouldn't not want to share that day with Jesus. I know the day is not certain but the idea is the same.

I woke with a HEADACHE this am. perhaps because I went out side yesterday several times without my head covered. Or perhaps because I had not drank enough water .
I should be drinking 90 + ounces, Ahem....... since I have gotten to the weigh double that number. Lack of water can cause headache and dry eyes , remember that!

After 3 cups of Joe and 2 mayo sausage biscuits and a min carrot cake,my headache is gone.

I truly am enjoying this am, off work ,a big relief and I can do or not do anything. So far I have been reading my new magazine BEST HOLIDAY
RECIPES from Taste of Home. Pictures of every recipe (course it make one want to try them all and perhaps once day(I doubt it) I will have made all 320 Christmas classics!
I simple love Taste of Home magazines YOU can get a free issue by going to:
www.tasteofhome.comfreeissue or call 1-800-344-6913 and mention
Some time you can get this mag. at 1/2 rate, like I did.

Well this am was all quiet,when I settle down with my Joe and bkfst: but I hear this rattle of tin foil and not to my surprise I saw a little long thin mouse,poor thing he was probably after the carrot cake I had previously placed in the microwave. I guess I should of let him or her had it.

Well I leaving my Christmas up until at the New Year comes in.
WHY not!?
If anyone know how I can get bright white lights to replace MRS Stewart's smoked-burned out ones let me know. I think it is a 600 lighted tree- I might as well buy a NEW ONE .. it'll cost 70 dollars to replace the bulbs!!

I do want to thank my family for the wonderful presents we both got. "THANK YOU, Anna,John,Jeff and Jennifer and to my sisters and friends.

So until next time ,May God continue to bless, YOU and YOURS!