Sunday, November 30, 2008

December is fast approaching

Today is the last day of NOVEMBER 2009

This is the first time I think that I put
my tree up in November. White with shades
of blue ornaments.
I still have to find some special ornaments.

I put a stuff Panda in a chair,
later i found the stuffing of Panda on
the floor,What does a pup get out of
pulling out his stuff??????????
there was a large opening in the belly,
thank goodness he didnt tear the Panda up.
Stuffing is back in the bear.

Well I hungry and it is late guess I should
look for a celery stick to eat. Hot cocoa
sounds good. Hum..........

I need to go to the Dr tomorrow and see
why my foot hurts. I hope I can get in tomorrow

It is suppose to snow tonight -- we will see .
I really want SNOW BUT NOT YET!!!!!!!
I having hard enough time walking I can't
imagine walking in snow with a cripple foot.