Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have become an addict to shopping at "Once Upon a Child"

I must say that is the most clever of most names for a child clothing store.
It is clothes that was once upon a child. :)
I should have created that.. ARGH
now it has Franchises probably in CHINA even!!!!
So my Granddaughter whatever her little name is is just going to be too cute even if she isn't cute. Ha!
I should be more creative,yeah I'll work on that.
For now, it's bedtime; I just needed to confess my addiction before I fall asleep ;>

Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 8th,2010

I just notice that had written a post a year ago, the same day.
Today we had lunch at mom and dad's. Dannie our first cousin ask Geneva McKnight ( first cousin) to get it together; so she call mom and ask to see if we would come to dinner at mom and dad. Elizabeth and Eddie along with Carol,Nyla,Rita,Darlene and I went. Within the small kitchen area we all enjoyed a meal and just conversation. It was nice.

Later I was cooking and looked out the window and could not believe the ground was covered with SNOW! I wonder how much we will get. Since Abby dug in the dirt she is in not allow on the sofa as Belle and Teddy are enjoying Princess Diary 2. I hate to make her stay in the room where it is cold,dark and lonesome. She just needs a bath. It is not an easy task mostly because there are 3 dogs to wash.

for now, I need to see that snowfall. night!