Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 8th,2010

I just notice that had written a post a year ago, the same day.
Today we had lunch at mom and dad's. Dannie our first cousin ask Geneva McKnight ( first cousin) to get it together; so she call mom and ask to see if we would come to dinner at mom and dad. Elizabeth and Eddie along with Carol,Nyla,Rita,Darlene and I went. Within the small kitchen area we all enjoyed a meal and just conversation. It was nice.

Later I was cooking and looked out the window and could not believe the ground was covered with SNOW! I wonder how much we will get. Since Abby dug in the dirt she is in not allow on the sofa as Belle and Teddy are enjoying Princess Diary 2. I hate to make her stay in the room where it is cold,dark and lonesome. She just needs a bath. It is not an easy task mostly because there are 3 dogs to wash.

for now, I need to see that snowfall. night!