Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 1st,2nd,3rd

OCTOBER Finally has arrived and so so much has gone on in the past 3 days. I simply love October, for many reasons if not even for just the sound and spelling of the name. Silly NO it is not. It has always been a favorite month of mine.
October my Sister Nyla and I went out to eat lunch. Her Birthday was on the 29 th and since I worked that day and my daughter and grandchild came the next day to visit, we had our date the next day which fell on October 1st. Splendid time together, we enjoyed each other's company. That is what sisters are suppose to do enjoy each other company. Talk, eat and have fun. Since the two of us chose the unlimited pasta bowl, we both were quite full and eating pasta sometimes can make one sleepy. Needless to say we could have but due to perhaps our age was to tired to do much of anything else. LOL. I think the pasta did that sleepy number on us. It was fun Nyla.

OCTOBER 2nd ...
First was MOVING day at MTMC. IT was an exciting time in the History of Murfreesboro for us MTMC employees. Probably not of people really appreciate the activity that occurred. It was totally amazing at how fast and smooth the move went. After the staff finished transferring and discharge the patients we clean out drawers lockers etc and went to nursing resource office and waited for further instructions and that was to GO HOME . YAY rah, that was wonderful . Before leaving I wanted to go to the hall where my picture was hanging which had been place there 26 year after I was hired in 1975 ( 25 yrs of service award +photo on the wall :)So in route to that location we came upon the banner of farewells . We just had to sign that, none of us had previously done so though I had heard of it and wanted to write a message. We had our chance. As Kelly was writing we all of a sudden saw a camera in her face so she pause talked to the man and continued with her writing. Before night fall she posted on yes none other than FB that she made the news. That's great Kelly, well she was not the only one that was in the photo SO was I and a couple of he other girls. I have not seen the paper yet. I want one and my mom said "I am keeping the paper for myself" when I ask her to save it for me. Do I suppose I make a trip to the Daily News Journal to get a paper.
After we left there we headed to Mimi's for lunch. It was good food , and yes Janis I should have got what you ordered . My turkey plate was good but your grilled meatloaf was better.
Leaving there I headed home to make a quick change of clothes and charge on my camera and phone and headed to a wedding. A friend of my daughter was to Wed at 4:30 pm . I always thought a lot of Amy and told her I wanted to come and would if the Move was completed in time. I kept my word. I went enjoyed it ,she is a beautiful bride I wish her and her husband Kenneth the best.
Getting sort of so call lost and traveling out of the way to get back home was another story. Yikes I made it though!!

October 3rd- today
I got up early check out the fb news and just hung around looking at photos I had taken until time to leave for worship. Mike and I sat in the Balcony, which is really nice view of the congregation minister and just the building itself. The singing is really meaningful also course David as usual delivers message from God as God would have him do so.
Mike and I ate at Zaxby's that was fine , we had spent a lot on eating out over the past week that also included tipping too . It gets expensive.
Well might as well say we even went to Lowe's . Mostly looked, they did not have what we were really looking for. Home we came and the Titans ended up losing!
so other than just hanging out , that was it.

so what will OCTOBER 4th hold ..... tomorrow will tell. My first day at the new hospital and to learn what my new responsibilities will be and what kinks will be in store for us as we learn about the new facility as we care for patients. until then
talk later.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

so slumbering september

I am really amazing to have days slip thru without even realizing that they hardly come and gone. Just like this year. I been rather an unusual time the entire year. It almost like climbing a mountain and not sure whether you get there or not , not knowing the outcome of each step, nothing seem to have a reason for a meaning, it just is whatever it is. most of my days really dont seem to mean much of anything.I think it has to do with the fact that I am at a lost for perhaps who I am , I use to know, My purpose was there. I had no reason to question it. People need a purpose. I need one and so do you. without one one just chases their own tail, it is meaningless......... that is enough said now.perhaps later more said.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

when "professional" hurts Photography

I seriously see how satan is everywhere in all different forms.......And i sorry Mr Jonathan manager I do not appreciate you and your photo dept not allowing me to pay for my photos of my GRANDBABY just because you think they look like a photographer took them, well I told him Yes my daughter is a photographer and Yes I am too I have been taking pictures since I was 8 years old and the photos i printed were from my daughter camera it one you can buy and does that mean i cant have prints made off that camera .... well forget your rules and regulations i not a very happy customer right now and I just order from SNAPFISH or check Walgreens prices and POLICIES fior photos from a very nice camera . I am really beginining to not like WALMART there is actually another word that begans with H and ends in E . So now one needs a degree in picture taking --- or "PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY " well by george i get it or get my name on all my photos I told them well I can call anyone because my phone just died , nor can i check my email wheremy daughter sent the pictures and even if i call her at this moment it would disrrupt her worship service. so I watch as they took my precious baby photo that were intend for grandkparents and great-grandparents........well they TRASHED THEM!!! So perhaps i can turn that anger and as David said turn it to something good, well perhaps it time to lobby against something ............I have a right to my photos

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dad You're the Best


Dad's are like sunflowers in the garden,head and shoulder above the rest.

My dad didn't tell me how to live; he lived and let me watch him do it. - Clarence Budington Kelland

If all the fathers of the world were hands held out in friendship, yours is the one
I'd hold.

Wake me when the kids are grown.

Parents are the bones on which children cut their teeth- --Peter Ustinov

One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters. --George Herbert

Dad. Jack of all trades,counsellor and friend,storyteller,comforter,gaint among men.

Give a little love to a child, and you get a great deal back.---- John Ruskin,The Crown of Wild Olive

It doesn't matter who my father was, it matters who I remember he was.

To bring up a child in the way he should go,travel that way yourself once in a while.-----Josh Billings

The thing that impresses me most about America is the way parents obey their children. Duke of Windsor

A blessing so rare a blessing so true: is none other than a daddy like you.

Don't limit your child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.---Rabbinical saying

Nervous breakdown are hereditary. We get them from our children. quoted by Nigel Rees, 'Graffiti 2'

Parnethood remains the greatest single preserve of the amateur. ---- Alvin Toffler

Would you possibly whistle your father and put him back in lead, please. Alan Ayckbourn,(Sisterly Feelings 1981)

Anything which parents have not learned from experience they can learn from their children.

We never know the love of our parents for us until wehave become parents.--- Harry Ward Beecher

There are times that parenthood seems nothing but feeding the mouth that bites you.
-- Peter De Vries 'Tunnel of Love' 1954

A good father is a bit of a mother. --- Lee Salk

What a relief is is when you find that you've actually brought up a civilised human being. --Philip Duke of Edinburgh

Your child needs your presence more than presents. --Jesse Jackson

now I need to fish more out of the Bible these were from the Little Book of Quotations

Dad You're the Best ----part one

Father day was not the usual, not the day for going to worship,eating out with dad(Mike)getting a special present and family together. It was a day where I saw again how dad's all are different. And that all Dad's have the title as stated above.
Dad's may not have all the same traits in all things but it is true that
All "Dads are the Best" in at least something.
One really needs to find the good in everyone and magnify that and any good thing of a person.

I spent Father's day at Vanderbilt going to see my sister in the burn unit.She has improved so much and still has much to accomplish and with the love of God, will. WE just need that feeding tube out SO she can eat FOOD and can work on speech. TWO pipes in a very sore throat!!!! I want to say put one in your nose and throat and you try it. Poor Carol she trying so hard . I would have pulled it out by now if it was in my nose, she cant reach it. Well that all a different subject.

While in the waiting room I observed a young man probably late 30 to early 40's that i thought was the same guy in the ICU a couple weeks ago. His girl friend had been burnt more severe,and was not expected to have lived. She is doing better. He emotionally ,physically and spiritually is sick. He could not eat,had not for 3 days and when he had tried he vomited bile and blood. He had a history of cancer in his intestine. He said "I feel alone" Even though he has the support from his ex wife who calls at the extend housing at Vandy and prays with him at night and his girlfriend love and know that God is there, he is alone. I pray that I was able to help in spiritually,emotional and physically. I did take him to the ER and hopefully he remains under their care until they can resolve his physical needs.
This man has 3 children, has a handicap son around age 13 and two older sons. He is broken,cast down upon and so needs the love of God in his life. Which he knows that ultimate he answers to God. I am willing to share his name if someone wants to help this couple,they lost everything in a rented trailer in Dyersberg .
I look at photos of fun loving kids in beautiful clothing and think of all the children that really belong to God,the beautiful kids, those in rags,and he older ones too. I told Scott someone once told me "God has no Grandchildren,only children. Thu his hurt he weeps and prayerful though God's love he will be drawn nearer to God's bosom and stay there.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Since May 16th, 2010

So much has gone on in the last 2 week it be hard to know where to start.
May 16th my sister was in a house fire. She is in ICU in the Burn Unit at Vanderbilt Hospital Her house considered totaled by the
She has 23% burns to her face neck and arms. She had been on a vent up until last night that is 12 days I believe. Today she was breathing on her own ( she has a tracheotomy) to be a temporary support.It is just taking a while for her to mend. So continue or add her to you prayer list.

Next my status change forever.
I am a Grandmother , that seems a little strange. So now am i that old enough, look like one or even act like one LOL yeah your right all of the possible mentioned. So what is one to look, act,age enough to be the such. It doesn't even matter , What matter is that I am and it is an amazing thing for you little one to have a little one. :) so let's see if I can get a new look at the new me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14th 2010

Yea today is the start of my 2 week vacation. I had plans to visit the beach of Pensacola for 3 full days and to visit my first grandchild on her "birthday" . Well when you live with other people your life is not your own. My S/O use ALL of his vacation and sick time up on sick days and "other" vacation days thru the past several months ---- so it DEFINITELY affects me. SO Now I must cancel the blue skies and sand ,sun and relaxation of residing on the beach for 3 full days of doing nothing but reading,gazing and playing in the warm gulf water I hope I get my money back! If my actions would not affeCt anyone, I do what I wanted and just go on down, but as you know generally there are consequences that one lives with.
As usual I try the most to make the best of what is there. WE will be traveling to the gulf of Mexico visit and assist as needed with our daughter's need ,Her husband can not take off the usual 6 weeks and in the mist of it all she has to have SURGERY to get the baby out. Surgery is a simple word but is a stressful subject on the body. She is young and should do well. It does mean that all futures pregnancy will end up this way, LORD PLEASE TURN THAT BABY AROUND . With any surgery you have the risk of adhesions and that generally causes problems later on. I don't know why he Dr does not try to turn it around to avoid surgery. Almost 60 years ago babies were turn around at delivery time. Course Dr's probably were more like vets. They use what they had and rolled with it and generally did work well. My brother was turned at delivery he was breech. That was almost 60 yrs ago and no that not what wrong with him.
Oh on to greet this sunless day beginning, I sooooooooo need the sun!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Happy Mothers Day!

I am hurt,shall I tell you why. My daughter and her hubs do not want me to visit when she goes to the hospital to have her first child ,which is our first grandchild. I find that very strange. Anyone would be thrill to have anyone come to say " oh she so cute," and esp you think you would want your family that could to come and visit.
Least that is what most people want. I sometimes wonder if this is my daughter, the excuse "well there is no sense in driving here for 8 hours for a 30 minute visit"
I not going to lie up in your bed an eat potato chips.
I went with a friend to visit a ex co worker at Summit Hospital. She was thrill that we came for a visit.She even let us both sit on her bed and even offer us chips. There are places to stay so not to intrude upon the privacy of a young family with a new baby.
All I can say is just wait and perhaps you will understand once you are a mother.I certianly hope you will, just a characteristic of being a mom. No wonder some mothers ignore their kids.
Happy Mother's Day for any of you mothers.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

March 25,2010

Watching , well not really , Field of Dreams.It is on, the volume is off and I need to review BLS but falling asleep is what was happening while trying to do that. I really want some ice cream chocolate with raspberry sauce . I shall probably get some before going to bed. I am still working on the baby quilt for my first grand baby. We are planning a dinner/shower for Anna and John Friday the 2nd of April. They are coming here and will be staying with us. Short trip for them I wish it was longer. I am posting this picture just because I am trying to learn how to do so : but it is a sweet picture of my great niece with her uncle which is my nephew.
Talk later.Nancy

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have become an addict to shopping at "Once Upon a Child"

I must say that is the most clever of most names for a child clothing store.
It is clothes that was once upon a child. :)
I should have created that.. ARGH
now it has Franchises probably in CHINA even!!!!
So my Granddaughter whatever her little name is is just going to be too cute even if she isn't cute. Ha!
I should be more creative,yeah I'll work on that.
For now, it's bedtime; I just needed to confess my addiction before I fall asleep ;>

Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 8th,2010

I just notice that had written a post a year ago, the same day.
Today we had lunch at mom and dad's. Dannie our first cousin ask Geneva McKnight ( first cousin) to get it together; so she call mom and ask to see if we would come to dinner at mom and dad. Elizabeth and Eddie along with Carol,Nyla,Rita,Darlene and I went. Within the small kitchen area we all enjoyed a meal and just conversation. It was nice.

Later I was cooking and looked out the window and could not believe the ground was covered with SNOW! I wonder how much we will get. Since Abby dug in the dirt she is in not allow on the sofa as Belle and Teddy are enjoying Princess Diary 2. I hate to make her stay in the room where it is cold,dark and lonesome. She just needs a bath. It is not an easy task mostly because there are 3 dogs to wash.

for now, I need to see that snowfall. night!