Monday, June 21, 2010

Dad You're the Best ----part one

Father day was not the usual, not the day for going to worship,eating out with dad(Mike)getting a special present and family together. It was a day where I saw again how dad's all are different. And that all Dad's have the title as stated above.
Dad's may not have all the same traits in all things but it is true that
All "Dads are the Best" in at least something.
One really needs to find the good in everyone and magnify that and any good thing of a person.

I spent Father's day at Vanderbilt going to see my sister in the burn unit.She has improved so much and still has much to accomplish and with the love of God, will. WE just need that feeding tube out SO she can eat FOOD and can work on speech. TWO pipes in a very sore throat!!!! I want to say put one in your nose and throat and you try it. Poor Carol she trying so hard . I would have pulled it out by now if it was in my nose, she cant reach it. Well that all a different subject.

While in the waiting room I observed a young man probably late 30 to early 40's that i thought was the same guy in the ICU a couple weeks ago. His girl friend had been burnt more severe,and was not expected to have lived. She is doing better. He emotionally ,physically and spiritually is sick. He could not eat,had not for 3 days and when he had tried he vomited bile and blood. He had a history of cancer in his intestine. He said "I feel alone" Even though he has the support from his ex wife who calls at the extend housing at Vandy and prays with him at night and his girlfriend love and know that God is there, he is alone. I pray that I was able to help in spiritually,emotional and physically. I did take him to the ER and hopefully he remains under their care until they can resolve his physical needs.
This man has 3 children, has a handicap son around age 13 and two older sons. He is broken,cast down upon and so needs the love of God in his life. Which he knows that ultimate he answers to God. I am willing to share his name if someone wants to help this couple,they lost everything in a rented trailer in Dyersberg .
I look at photos of fun loving kids in beautiful clothing and think of all the children that really belong to God,the beautiful kids, those in rags,and he older ones too. I told Scott someone once told me "God has no Grandchildren,only children. Thu his hurt he weeps and prayerful though God's love he will be drawn nearer to God's bosom and stay there.

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