Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 1st,2nd,3rd

OCTOBER Finally has arrived and so so much has gone on in the past 3 days. I simply love October, for many reasons if not even for just the sound and spelling of the name. Silly NO it is not. It has always been a favorite month of mine.
October my Sister Nyla and I went out to eat lunch. Her Birthday was on the 29 th and since I worked that day and my daughter and grandchild came the next day to visit, we had our date the next day which fell on October 1st. Splendid time together, we enjoyed each other's company. That is what sisters are suppose to do enjoy each other company. Talk, eat and have fun. Since the two of us chose the unlimited pasta bowl, we both were quite full and eating pasta sometimes can make one sleepy. Needless to say we could have but due to perhaps our age was to tired to do much of anything else. LOL. I think the pasta did that sleepy number on us. It was fun Nyla.

OCTOBER 2nd ...
First was MOVING day at MTMC. IT was an exciting time in the History of Murfreesboro for us MTMC employees. Probably not of people really appreciate the activity that occurred. It was totally amazing at how fast and smooth the move went. After the staff finished transferring and discharge the patients we clean out drawers lockers etc and went to nursing resource office and waited for further instructions and that was to GO HOME . YAY rah, that was wonderful . Before leaving I wanted to go to the hall where my picture was hanging which had been place there 26 year after I was hired in 1975 ( 25 yrs of service award +photo on the wall :)So in route to that location we came upon the banner of farewells . We just had to sign that, none of us had previously done so though I had heard of it and wanted to write a message. We had our chance. As Kelly was writing we all of a sudden saw a camera in her face so she pause talked to the man and continued with her writing. Before night fall she posted on yes none other than FB that she made the news. That's great Kelly, well she was not the only one that was in the photo SO was I and a couple of he other girls. I have not seen the paper yet. I want one and my mom said "I am keeping the paper for myself" when I ask her to save it for me. Do I suppose I make a trip to the Daily News Journal to get a paper.
After we left there we headed to Mimi's for lunch. It was good food , and yes Janis I should have got what you ordered . My turkey plate was good but your grilled meatloaf was better.
Leaving there I headed home to make a quick change of clothes and charge on my camera and phone and headed to a wedding. A friend of my daughter was to Wed at 4:30 pm . I always thought a lot of Amy and told her I wanted to come and would if the Move was completed in time. I kept my word. I went enjoyed it ,she is a beautiful bride I wish her and her husband Kenneth the best.
Getting sort of so call lost and traveling out of the way to get back home was another story. Yikes I made it though!!

October 3rd- today
I got up early check out the fb news and just hung around looking at photos I had taken until time to leave for worship. Mike and I sat in the Balcony, which is really nice view of the congregation minister and just the building itself. The singing is really meaningful also course David as usual delivers message from God as God would have him do so.
Mike and I ate at Zaxby's that was fine , we had spent a lot on eating out over the past week that also included tipping too . It gets expensive.
Well might as well say we even went to Lowe's . Mostly looked, they did not have what we were really looking for. Home we came and the Titans ended up losing!
so other than just hanging out , that was it.

so what will OCTOBER 4th hold ..... tomorrow will tell. My first day at the new hospital and to learn what my new responsibilities will be and what kinks will be in store for us as we learn about the new facility as we care for patients. until then
talk later.