Wednesday, June 10, 2009

totally wasted!

Too must time
that is
changing things
should have left it alone.
dogs barking need to go to the yard
and take care of business
and i an still sitting here
like a nut.
I'm gone,
no one

Monday, June 1, 2009

response to a blogger

Kate yes, if you pull the skin off before roasting it will be dry.
And of course you can pull the skin off after it is roasted.
regarding eating chitlins, cracklins or CHICKLINS :), I rather not swallow any, and yes I use to break the necks of chicken on the farm dip them in the black kettle of boiling water and pluck the feathers off for my mom to fry for Sunday dinner. Best Chicken every she just fry up the hearts,gizzards and we would fight over them. (7 Kids)
But people are healthier back then than now, I sure it healthier than all the fried “JUNK foods we buy, chips etc
It would seem to me that Chicken grease would fall under those unhealthily categories of “bad” oil.That is one reason that people triglercyerides are so dangerously elevated. Thought the taste might be wonderful and of course all those southern foods are delicious but look at the statistics. FAT is not all good! Advice, use the good FATs and OILS. Moderation is also the key. Though my Parents are pushing 88 and 91 they use the bad oils all their lives and grew up on the naturally organic stuff they grew and raised until their later years so what can anyone really say?