Sunday, October 26, 2008


all is fair in love and war?

I'm not sure anymore.

people need to be in constant need to improve
their behavior and attitude.

Sunday day 12

As I said in my last post I need a vacation.

I need followers on my blog.

I need food in my stomach.

I need my stomach to leave - like that bad air guy commerical.

Today is WATS (we are the sermon) day
Which i think is totally great.
it should be a WATS Day at least once a month.

and i need to be includedd.I think Christians should help others
outside the church but also inside too, which they are going I today also.
but not me. I did not sign up for or to help with a project.
I just did not make the effort.

I am consume with helping myself since no one helps unless paid to do so.

Today I am very sore and tired.
Today i probably just do nothing .
Today I must pick out a bedroom paint color.
Today I may just continue to help 3 tired women.
ME,MYself and I.
I know that is selfish.

I know what I want for Christmas.
storm window units completed and installed .
Each unit is less than 40.00 dollars.
If I get 3 I will be happy.
Don't worry there are only 5 to go; perhaps
a son a daughter and a husband can do that for me;
for this house that covered there heads for many years.
I also want any help with other repairs .

The floor in the kitchen has several problem of concern.
The refrigetor sits on an area that need replacing;
a loose board need repair.
The outside needs tons of work, vingl siding and under hang
and new shutters.
Patch work with mortar& more......
boring............ yes but on my mind.

No help

I was so mad at Mike last night, he let Filty Abby
in the house and did not put her in the lower room.
THis is while i am slaving at making the house better,
painting the ceiling after i primed the wall and painted
the trim yesterday. So later I discover she all stretch
out on the clean sofa.

some times it is hard to have nice thoughts.

If people like that would do work (like everything
involve in the cleaning process of a sofa this was
an all day process. remove wash about 3 diffent loads-
dry and put BACK on the foam. In the mind of some people
you push the button , you push another button and then
walla it it back on the sofa.
I was mad and it still makes me mad. I work my tail off.
I can't believe i even cooked salmon cakes after that.
I washed the dirty dishes this morning.

computer,football and sleep.

If men dont know what to do they would ask,
instead you praying they will.
so ladies, make sure your man will,is not all talk; talk walks away from the job.

time to eat.