Friday, May 14, 2010

May 14th 2010

Yea today is the start of my 2 week vacation. I had plans to visit the beach of Pensacola for 3 full days and to visit my first grandchild on her "birthday" . Well when you live with other people your life is not your own. My S/O use ALL of his vacation and sick time up on sick days and "other" vacation days thru the past several months ---- so it DEFINITELY affects me. SO Now I must cancel the blue skies and sand ,sun and relaxation of residing on the beach for 3 full days of doing nothing but reading,gazing and playing in the warm gulf water I hope I get my money back! If my actions would not affeCt anyone, I do what I wanted and just go on down, but as you know generally there are consequences that one lives with.
As usual I try the most to make the best of what is there. WE will be traveling to the gulf of Mexico visit and assist as needed with our daughter's need ,Her husband can not take off the usual 6 weeks and in the mist of it all she has to have SURGERY to get the baby out. Surgery is a simple word but is a stressful subject on the body. She is young and should do well. It does mean that all futures pregnancy will end up this way, LORD PLEASE TURN THAT BABY AROUND . With any surgery you have the risk of adhesions and that generally causes problems later on. I don't know why he Dr does not try to turn it around to avoid surgery. Almost 60 years ago babies were turn around at delivery time. Course Dr's probably were more like vets. They use what they had and rolled with it and generally did work well. My brother was turned at delivery he was breech. That was almost 60 yrs ago and no that not what wrong with him.
Oh on to greet this sunless day beginning, I sooooooooo need the sun!