Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mrs Tackett

I had a teacher named Mrs Tackett
who hated to hear racket!
So she would get mad and say we were
So we could not go outside anymore.

Mrs. Deaton--
I had a teacher
Mrs. Deaton. She has always eaten
Mac and cheese without fleas!

Mrs. Bagnham--
Mrs. Bagnham
was nice like suger and spice.
but on a hot day she never gave us ice!

Mrs. Adams--
Mrs Adams was sweet,
and really neat and no smelly
feet were aloud!

Mrs. Walkup--
Mrs. Walkkup wouldn't let us talkup.
That was very,
but still I didn't turn green!

Talking about writing I came across this on notepaper
while cleaning out a drawer.
funny!YOu have those first play stories you wrote dont you?

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Anna said...

oh wow. that's funny!