Wednesday, January 21, 2009

THe President's First day at work.

It is noteworthy that the President and First Lady
attended service early this am.
I am Proud to have voted for him.
I believe he has revived the American people ,
not just the ones of color.
I got to watch bits and pieces of yesterday's
events. I am impressed with President Obama
and his family. He is a very smart man. I am excited
and anxious to see what the days bring.

One thing that I did not get to view was the closing
prayer.I did on You Tube the comment at the end of people
of brown be around, yellow skin be mellow, red get a head
and the white embrace right. This does not offend me
because actually they have.
They help elect OUR President.

But not all white embrace right,
not all black,brown, red or yellow embrace right.
People that embrace right know they have.

One thing in well all do is use rhyme
when applying telemetry leads,
the white dot is place on the right,
why? "white is right",it rhymes.

congrads to Our New Family in Office.

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