Friday, December 16, 2011

Allow the Lord to Live in YOU

I really feel there is much true in the below video , this is a real person, educated and though you may check the scams and read them I believe people spend more on "ugly diet" not even including the tip they give on one meal for 2-4 than the money requested to continue the info. But he has offering free info.

Being a nurse I know there are many, many, many things that pts and Dr alone do
not understand and neither do I or they have the answers to hardly any
questions that you may have, they have many answers dont get me wrong there either but there are UNSOLVED MYSTERIES. To say that this is a scam you must look at the fact that NOTHING in life is free.
It takes time ,people, energy to get resources
and to get it distributed to people. I know scams and that if you give
free stuff to people, they may benefit from it or abuse it. Maybe that is
where the gods of OZ and Oprah are getting there info.
Don't take me wrong but don't discredit someone who really is Calling upon the Lord to help people and to the person that gives GOD the GLORY!!!

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"These 4 Things Happen Right Before a Heart Attack
By S.A. Nickerson
Every year, approximately 785,000 Americans suffer a first heart attack. And 470,000 who’ve already had one or more heart attacks have another one. The scary thing is that 25 percent of ALL heart attacks happen “silently,” without clear or obvious symptoms.
Even when symptoms occur, they can be so mild or vague, most people don’t even realize it’s heart-related (unless they are made aware). Four things in particular are the most sinister signs of a silent heart attack.
These four things are the focus of a recent video presentation by renowned cardiovascular expert Dr. Chauncey Crandall: Silent Heart Attacks: A Special Newsmax Heart Health Report. According to Dr. Crandall, the reason silent heart attacks go untreated is because people don’t even notice the symptoms, so he created a special video presentation to show the four things to look for that may be a silent warning — before it’s too late to intervene and survive the damage.
Silent Heart Attacks: A Special Newsmax Heart Health Report

Timing is the most critical factor for survival. Statistics show a clear link between delay in treatment and disability or death — the amount of time that elapses between the first sign of symptoms and receiving care.
That’s why knowing what to look for in terms of symptoms is critical, especially when they’re the kind that most people don’t think to associate with a heart attack — like the four things in Dr. Crandall’s video, Silent Heart Attacks: A Special Newsmax Heart Health Report.

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Originally developed as an educational tool, this video quickly went viral, surpassing five million viewers in just a few short months.
Newsmax Health Publisher Travis Davis attributes the viral sensation to the fact that the content hits close to home for so many Americans. According to Davis, “Dr. Crandall tells the real-life story of a ‘widow-maker’ heart attack that did not have to happen. It’s scary but eye-opening, because he outlines what could have been done to actually prevent this.”
Dr. Crandall, chief of the cardiac transplant program at the esteemed Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic in Florida, practices on the front lines of interventional, vascular, and transplant cardiology. Years of experience have afforded him the chance to detect little-known warning signs and symptoms like the four he addresses.
“I think the real value in this presentation is the number of simple strategies he outlines to help prevent heart disease,” says Davis, “strategies that many doctors just don’t take the time to discuss with patients until they’re already showing obvious symptoms of cardiovascular stress.”

Editor’s Note: For a limited time, Newsmax Health is making Silent Heart Attacks: A Special Newsmax Heart Health Report available at no charge. Click here to see the four things that happen before a heart attack."

YOU can google much info, I believe this man know more than the average Joe, Yeah and my Dr probably think I nuts but it my life and I need to know and so do you!

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